1. Profile
    2. Sri Sivani College of Pharmacy, Chilakapalem will strive hard to become a center of excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research and will be a World leader in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice with the Mission of strengthening the healthcare of the country
      By the year 2020, pharmacists and pharmaceutical Scientists working within various disciplines of pharmacy will be recognized as medicine expert and expert in Health promotion and Sri Sivani College of Pharmacy will be recognized as an institute which has significantly contributed to this cause.
    3. Vision


      " To improve the quality and standards of pharmaceutical services and also to meet the requirements of Research & Development and Industry."
    4. Mission


      * To play a key role in the development of a Disciplined Knowledge Society
      * To pursue and disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge through quality teaching, research and service development aimed at improving the health standards of all.
      * To become one of the premier centers for academic & research excellence in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to contribute to the advancement of Pharmacy profession and to strengthen the healthcare of the community”.
      Expeditions in search of new medicines, research in their formulations and utilizing latest technical advances helped the modern pharmacy to take to ultimate heights in professional front.
      * In order to achieve our mission we apply innovative and proven educational methods to produce pharmacists, who possess the skills and knowledge they need, to serve the society in an ethical and professional manner.  
      * Since its inception, our institution has been scrupulously scaling new heights. Unique strength of our institution is the caliber and character of our faculty, who emphasize on overall personality & intellectual development of our students. We are very confident that our institution can do much more to lift the pharmacy profession to greater heights, and provide more meaning to its existence, and also gives it a well-deserved place in India as well as abroad.
      * We appreciate your interest in our institution and we look forward to addressing any questions you have, concerning pharmacy education at  sri sivani  College of Pharmacy.