1. Infrastructure
    2. Library

      The Library together support students, teaching staff, research and extension programs. In addition to having a huge collection of books on B.Pharm and M.Pharm, Humanities and Basic science also provides services through its various divisions.

      This supports the teaching, research and extension programs of the institute. It has about 5000 volumes and 510 titles. It is accessible to all staff and students. It also has various collection of encyclopedias, handbooks, standards, reports, proceedings, abstracts, indices, data books etc.  It also subscribes many national and international journals.

      Digital Library

      It has 23 computers, connected on LAN and allows browsing the internet for academic purpose. It also has Elsevier, e-journals, online subscription and membership in developing library network, which organizes specialized bibliographic database of books, serials and non-book materials. It has various sections like loan, textbook, reference, E-restore, circulation, periodical and newspaper sections. It has facilities like,

      * Download electronic journals
      * Newspaper clipping facility
      * Book Reservation facility


      CARPET AREA 400 Sq.m
      NO.OF VOLUMES  5000
      NO.OF TITLES 510
      JOURNALS 20
      E-JOURNALS 10
      BACK VOLUMES  100
      CD 300
    3. Laborataries